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Our spa solution is a scalable, intuitive management tool that helps you grow your business. Our suite of modules covers CRM, marketing, loyalty programmes, pre-paid packages & more, and are all built to support you and your business growth.

How can I make the most of my members to do more business?

Unlock tailored cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Because IMS Spa records your clients’ favourite treatments, therapist preferences, past treatment and review history, it provides you with smart recommendations on what offers and services you should propose to your clients.

IMS Spa Software Booking View
IMS Spa Software Booking View 2

Is there a way to simplify the booking process for my clients?

Empower your clients to manage their own bookings via our intuitive, easy-to-use online platform. Stay true to your branding with customised colours and your very own logo to create a seamless experience for your clients.

I’d like to increase customer retention rates. Can IMS Spa help?

Yes we can! Using IMS Spa, it’s easy to create flexible and attractive loyalty programmes that provide incentives for members to spend more time at your spa.

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IMS Spa Software Booking Mobile Prepaid View

I need support increasing my revenues and cash flows.

We know that for many spas, at least half of their total revenue is generated by pre-paid packages and vouchers. That’s why we have designed the Pre-Paid Management Module specifically to help you manage these revenue streams and create cash, treatment packages and vouchers for multi-shop usage.

Can I make it easier for my clients to book on their phone?

You’ll have your very own branded mobile app that makes booking simple and quick. Members can book treatments and top-up their pre-paid packages remotely.

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