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How can we handle incoming bookings better?

It’s easy with our intuitive Booking Module. IMS Spa enables your team to manage bookings and check therapist availability in real-time: no more mistakes on paper. What’s more, booking notifications and reminders are fully automated to provide outstanding service to your customers. The Booking Module’s drag-and-drop feature is simple and pleasant to use.  The intuitive interface allows staff to manage bookings across multiple locations.

Keeping track of pre-paid packages is difficult and time consuming, what can we use to manage pre-paid packages effectively?

IMS Spa’s Pre-Paid Module enables spa operators to manage all their pre-paid packages online. Your members can view their packages and their balances via your branded online platform or your mobile app.

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IMS Spa solutions - Staff view

How can I manage the staff roaster more efficiently?

Our Staff Management Module allows you to manage staff roasters online and by batch as well as give them access to their own schedule on their mobile devices. The IMS Spa Staff Management Module is seamlessly integrated to the Booking Module to allow the system to assign bookings to available therapists.

I need to better allocate my shop resources. How can IMS Spa help me?

Your staff can manage shops and rooms with the Shop Management Module to assign special features, allocation preferences and capacities. It works perfectly with the Booking and Staff Modules to make sure all resources are fully optimized.

IMS Spa solutions - Shop view
IMS Spa solutions - Commission and Sales Modules

My team spends so much time trying to calculate payroll and commissions. How can I manage this better?

We designed our spa system to solve your business challenges. Our comprehensive and flexible Commission Module allows you to calculate commissions in real time. Set-up with different commission schemes and payment methods is quick and reliable.

I want my customer service to go from good to outstanding. How can I empower my therapists to deliver excellent service and make spa guests feel at home?

Your customers need to leave your spa feeling great! Our Booking Module comes with a “Single View of Client” feature which allows therapists to view client details, treatment history and personal preferences in advance, before they even step into the treatment room.

IMS Spa Software Booking View
IMS Spa Software Booking View 2

The reception desk gets very busy, how can I speed up the payment process?

Take advantage of our easy-to-use “booking to check-out” feature. It enables your staff to handle checkouts with just a single click of the button. Any prepaid packages will present themselves automatically at checkout for a fast and reliable service.

How can I address the issue of no-shows?

IMS Spa automatically sends booking reminders to clients in advance via email or SMS. You can also set mobile app notifications to remind members of their bookings and minimize the number of no-shows.

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