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IMS Spa was developed with business experts with over thirty years’ industry experience. That means that the spa software has been specifically designed to solve spa managers’  biggest challenges when running their business.

IMS Spa Software Commission View

It can take weeks to calculate the monthly commission of therapists correctly. How can I improve the process?

Our sophisticated Commission Module allows you to define unique commission rules based on different commission schemes, staff levels, treatment types, payment methods or monthly targets. It works with our Sales Module so that no extra input is needed from your team: for reliable, automated commissions calculations, every time.

How can I make better business decisions and know that I am growing my business in the right direction?

Our built-in business dashboard is an intuitive tool to track your KPIs, metrics and other key data points relevant to your business growth. Data visualization lets you simplify complex data sets for your spa.

IMS Spa Software Dashboard
IMS Spa Software Payroll Module

How can I reduce the time we spend handling the monthly payroll?

With the help of our Payroll Module, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the number of man hours spent processing monthly salaries. IMS Spa helps generate payroll slips by batch in a matter of minutes.

I want to set-up an attractive loyalty programme but I don’t have enough resources to cope with the workload.

Increase customer retention now with an attractive loyalty programme that is quick to set up and easy to manage. Our Loyalty Module supports multi-tier, automated discounts, point accumulation and upgrade/downgrade capabilities.

Members can also view their loyalty status and activities in real time with our online platform.

IMS Spa Software Loyalty Module
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